Program and Account Management

We offer our clients our experience, knowledge, strategic relationships and ideas to develop strategies for client engagement and connection, enhancing relationships, complimentary world class  systems, technical expertise and logistics &  operational  planning.

With both large-scale sporting events as well as more focussed client events, there are no dress rehearsals : you have to get it right the first time. Our years of experience and the attention-to-detail guarantees that the client achieves the experience and their own business objectives. We work closely to understand the needs and objectives of any program and bring this to life so that your clients will have the deep emotional connection to the program to optimise their experience and your outcomes !

Robust Logistics and Operational Planning is key to a program success and achieving and surpassing business objectives, this across all facets of the activity and through the life of the program  

  • Programme design, development and creation
  • Guest invitation and RSCV P management
  • Collateral and Merchandising,
  • Logistics and Operational delivery for arrivals & departures (a key interface with the client,
  • Accommodation and Hospitality / client lounges,
  • Transportation,
  • Accreditation (both personnel and transportation),
  • Ticketing and optimal logistics and mix,
  • Food & beverage, within hospitality lounges and externally
  • Excursions, conferences and pre / post activities
  • Staffing.


Program Readiness and pre preparation are fundamental to a program’s success – this requires accurate and comprehensive  preparation, flawless execution and an attitude of excellence and the experience to back it up. Ongoing, regular and consistent communication are key on a number of levels, intranet based, briefing sessions, regular work in progress meetings amongst other things. Attention to detail and covering all possible contingencies and scenarios is also key to operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Program Delivery and ‘360’ degree support – during the program a dedicated and experienced operations hub, to manage all elements of the programs ensuring seamless collaboration with other stakeholders including the event organisers, transportation companies and other ‘authorities (local and security etc). Fully reporting of issues , status and updates are provided both during event time as well as post event.

Staffing and Hub of ‘Knowledge’- this is an absolutely key aspect. We contract the best, the longevity of our team is testament to this, we provide the right training, have invested  in the right technology and systems, have open dialogue with our clients and package in together as a formidable asset to ensure front line Account staff are 100% prepared and that supporting them and our clients in every way and every step of the w ay  is a detail ‘hub of knowledge’ around and including ;

  • transportation,
  • logistics,
  • ticketing,
  • accommodation management
  • contracting and negotiation,
  • Hospitality and function management ; and   
  • Human resources


Our people do make the difference. Our teams and teamwork help create extraordinary programs and events for our clients

Our strategies and systems support creation and optimal program delivery

Our lateral approach enhances the program objectives maximising the outcome

PPG provide a turnkey program platform for our clients every time, adapting to the specific client and program needs.

Our experiences have shaped the ability to create and manage in every aspect, unique programs and experiences for our clients and their guests at locations and events around the globe.

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